Rental & More

All Dental Equipment rentals are charged the regular sale price as deposit and 1 weeks rental. When the Dental equipment is returned we will calculate the weeks rented and subtract it away from the deposit, any amount left over will be refunded. You will be charged for each week you rent the Dental equipment. You also agree to pay for any damage that might have occured while being rented and any missing pieces. Rental period starts from the day you recieve the equipment. Rental form must be filled out and mail back to us.


  • LED Scaler Machine
  • Apex Locator
  • Endomotor
  • Micro Motor Set
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Autoclave Pouch Sealing Machine
  • High Speed Rotor
  • Slow Speed Handpiece
  • Air Motor Set
  • Surgical Slow Speed Handpiece
  • Endo Handpiece

All the equipment are subject to availability and restricted to rent in Mumbai area only. Please read the terms & conditions carefully before placing an order we will strictly follow all our rental policy.

We have a range of handpieces which are restored to as good as original conditions (High Speed as well as Low Speed)     that can  be  use  as  a  spare handpiece which comes with warranty (Upto 6months).Using a good quality reconditioned handpiece can save money and time both. Proper maintenance can lead to last spare hand-piece as short as at least a year.

  • High Speed Rotor
  • Slow Speed Contra Angle
  • Slow Speed Straight Handpiece
  • Endo Handpiece